Saturday, December 29, 2007

yes, I’m using millimeters.

The best part of sewing for me is not the sewing, it’s my imagination…man, that sounded corny. I think of how a project will look like before I’ve started it, then I think about the work of how to construct it –but backwards! Once I’m back at the beginning I, well, begin. Currently, I am putting together ties which are to be embroidered. I’ve seen people take old ties and hand-screenprint them, usually with white ink…paint? what is that stuff?

A few I’ve seen also have been embroidered, but from what i can tell, the tie is already sewn up once they start stitchin’. This makes me happy because mine is better. :) My goal has been for the last year or so to have a suitline, but I’ll be happy with a tieline.

While designing some bits, I caught myself starting to cut this out, and realized no one sees this part. It’s ugly, ya can’t tell where it goes, somewhat embarasing for me… I cannot hide faults when all’s exposed like this. I’ve not been formally trained, and for years that idea had made me not want to do anything for fear all the mistakes would be pointed out. To hell with mistakes, they are how we learn.

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