Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the wide expanse of scientific knowledge.

...and yet what they know about the world of digital media remains identical.

Friday, January 18, 2008

things on top of things.

URGENT: Go download Blackball False, Truth's I Prefer Hello this very minute --hey look, it's free, sweeeeet. All one-man bands should sound this amazing... although I know nothing about the man. While you're at it, get Malmo's first album as well. I've got 'em on repeat tonight while working in Adobe Illustrator --headphones required-- makes the time just fly on by. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

dance to the radio.

1) My brother came by tonight -not unusual, I have his art dept. truck in my yard- and once again my knowledge of music was degraded. James has an uncanny wit about him and he'll use it every chance he can get, and that's just fine, I've missed that.

Tonight I was again reminded what it is to feel normal, to be made fun of fair and square...odd as it sounds, that's a treasure. I feel out of place with most people, it's a comfort to have someone know exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are and still want to talk with me. yay.

2) Quick rant, an excuse to post the amazing Joy Division. The thing I like most about their sound is not necessarily the lead guitar, but the drums! Quote from 24 Hour Party People, " faster, but slower." [listen to what i mean in the song Sound Of Music]

3) I'm working on a quilt --yes it's just "cute" now but there will be amazing embroidery running horizonally across. I'm quite excited, nothing cooler than hand stitchin'. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

so I been thinkin'...

I need more time. Actually, I need money. I'm barely paying off my credit card bills now that I've not been working at Peet's Coffee --yes I get a cut from the hubby's biz, but it's not official and proper like ripping open the paycheck envelope that you've slaved two weeks for.

Dave & I were talking yesterday about how great it will be this time, next year. If the Lord is willing, we'll be getting ready to move up north --probablly into my grandparents' basement until we find a home to rent or purchase. That will definitely be a turning point in my life, an obvious push to grow up --for good. No more pretty soons, no more somedays, it will be the start of something great...someday pretty soon.

Until then my friends, my task of being the coolest designer-tailor chick this side of the moon has been on hold -feels like Christmas Eve every single day, that anticipation. Just gets sad when it's winter all the time and no Christmas.

So I need to have time to make things, but I need more money to make the time so that I may have more money to make the things....I tend not to make sense, and this entry is no exception. I have a distorted reality where I pretend everyone understands me. This used to kill me because it's simply untrue; but in the last year I'm finally okay with my quirkiness and intend to use it toward my advantage of taking over the world suit [literal and figurative] at a time. ha! that was truely corney.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I'm quite sure inspiration only flows forth by improbable means. It's never where you've set it, or where you expect it find it...yet somehow it's there waiting when you revisit the same place.

a song recorded by means of the above piano: song for a film
(the code for an embeddable player was messing with my head... thus no player.)