Wednesday, January 16, 2008

dance to the radio.

1) My brother came by tonight -not unusual, I have his art dept. truck in my yard- and once again my knowledge of music was degraded. James has an uncanny wit about him and he'll use it every chance he can get, and that's just fine, I've missed that.

Tonight I was again reminded what it is to feel normal, to be made fun of fair and square...odd as it sounds, that's a treasure. I feel out of place with most people, it's a comfort to have someone know exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are and still want to talk with me. yay.

2) Quick rant, an excuse to post the amazing Joy Division. The thing I like most about their sound is not necessarily the lead guitar, but the drums! Quote from 24 Hour Party People, " faster, but slower." [listen to what i mean in the song Sound Of Music]

3) I'm working on a quilt --yes it's just "cute" now but there will be amazing embroidery running horizonally across. I'm quite excited, nothing cooler than hand stitchin'. :)


Michael Baker said...
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jenny baker said...

you're right, it IS cute! and so are you. :)