Monday, February 18, 2008

savile row.

Alright, so indecisive me has decided to officially stop making clothing for women --not like I made much anyhow. I will, however, pledge to sew clothes for myself to wear.

Not that I question Him, but I really don't know what the good Lord was thinking when he designed us ladies --we're absolutely horrible to fit! Now that you know that [you random person reading this], imagine trying to get all those measurements correctly And! having the client actually like it and agree with you that it fits correctly... ugh... no thanks. Why would i ever want to drown myself in that stress? Nah! give me the men, oh you pretty chaps, you flat chests and hipless wonders. Erm... so in recap, if you're a girl* who would like me to make something or whatever: piss off. and i say that in the most loving manner. ;)

As of two years ago, my inspirational reading:

*My sister is not included in this since she has basically just too amazing and also just happens to have nearly the same measurements as me.


jenny baker said...

:) :) :)

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