Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a systematic arrangement of spontaneity.

This weekend I received a request to make a skirt for a girl who's a bit larger than me. She specifically wants the one with the kooky chickens --not the fabric, just the pattern design. I've accepted the challenge.

Funny thing is, I've purposely taken everything off my etsy shop which is not currently constructed (if i can reproduce the item in a timely fashion, such as a scarf, I'll simply relist it), because I have been swamped with helping out the hubby with his plane business.

Late last night I was tweeking around with the pattern again (two in the morning is an excellent time to work --no really, it is). I think I've finally got it right this time but I'll sew up a quick muslin just in case --my size, her fabric and measurements have not arrived yet.

Working for your spouse at home is great in that you're able to look quite a mess until the errands need to be ran, but there's something to be had about working on your own projects...erm, my own. I took this job (skirt girl) because there won't be much effort on my part --granted, if I don't screw up her size. The fabric is cut on the bias so I have told her to give me more than enough...but now it's made me want to make more little skirties, one of a kind types mind you, and use up my hundreds of dollars worth of impuse-bought stash. blahty blah.

Now here's the clincher, where have those old friends, time and money, disappeared to? By doing my own thing now, I'm using up the effort for the hubby & I to get better financially so we can then start oh i dunno, a clothing business perhaps. :) By waiting and pressing onward with these radio control planes --really not my cuppa tea-- I'm helping my-future-self....but that damn spontaneious side of me, coupled with perpetual lazyness, rebels against this idea. If you're into prayer, that's what I need it for.


jenny baker said...

may i also request a skirt? pleeeease?

Val. said...

g'to it, I expected as much. ha!