Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'tis perfection!

Alright! this sloper is finished. Now on to cutting the real fabric.
The last thing to be changed was the issue of the straps falling down, this seemed to be a problem with everyone's jumper. I simply raised the back piece by 4 inches...well 3.5" actually.

Seems to work much better, I have zero strappy issue with this muslin --and that's with no lining support and baste stitching. :) gosh I'm such a damn genius!

...try not to mind my "twin" or the horrid office mess in da background.


jenny baker said...

look how cute you are! are the pins still in it? that must be so pokey!

Val. said...

nope just threads, I had quickly hand sewn the seams while i was fixing the pieces. if i had moved too much the whole thing may have unraveled! ha, I just wanted a stupid picture before I ripped it all apart now for tracing --which it now is. :)