Thursday, June 26, 2008

a momentary hesitation.

To the dismay of my mother, I have not been working on my purple jumper. Instead, I've single-handedly saved Christmas! ...oh alright, that's a bit silly, but nearly true. Dave & I have been re-creating the website, trying to get out of the kit business but still stay in the remote control plane realm by recommending products that beginners can fly (without stocking them ourselves, see).

It's been difficult to incorporate this ingenious idea to our current system --people have come to know us as selling our own designs and making quirky weekly RC videos on the YouTube. Basically, it'll be a glorified FAQ page/site --brilliant! :) In-between rearranging Dreamweaver cells for the pages to go up this weekend, I'm writing this because I get distracted easily -and funny thing too because some of my best ideas have come from wasted-I'm-supposed-to-be-doing- something-else-right-now time.

I'm working on a pillowcase design (sounds boring, yes but it's cool), must get it out of my system before tackling the jumper, tailoring takes a lot outta ya.

the above photo was taken by one of The Rakes while on their last trip to Russia, says their myspace picture caption. :)


jenny baker said...

so once you reclaim your living and dining room back, are you going to make it homey again? i forget when you're planning on moving to washington.

you better get that jumper a-jumpin'! i'm looking forward to seeing it on you! hmm... what am i going to wear???

Val. said...

well the pillowcases will probablly be for etsy...they're pink & red, not my color scheme. as far as the rest of the house is concerned, I don't want to start re-decorating until i have a place of my own.

The unassembled jumper looks at me every morning when i wake up --freaky, i know. It won't take long to sew, the hard part is finished. :)

you look good in bright, jewel colors. but definitely not purple, cuz we'd incidentally match.