Monday, August 18, 2008

just poppin' in... say I've been busy with many unrelated things. painting a dresser drawer and this lovely mirror. :) scheduling days to film (and trying to mastermind a good topic) for the weekly youtube. reorganizing my apartment for 1) sanity 2) hopefully moving soon 3) a 20 year old blue & gold macaw named Skipper...many think its actually a girl, plus that name is simply ridiculous, so we'll leave it up to Dave to rename her proper. ha!

also completely unrelated, my sister recently has had her 3rd failed pregnancy in 8 months, please keep her health in your prayers, thanks.

this is the recent youtube, i play cameo.


jenny baker said...

when you called me yesterday, you didn't tell me you bought a freakin' parrot! awesome! be careful about changing her name, they're self aware and it might confuse her. try something similar like... mipper, bipper, kipper or RIPPER. yeah, that'll make her tough.

Val. said...

no haven't bought her...kinda inherited her, like molly the goat. :) and not she's not moved in yet, few more weeks yet. I guess they're mainly one-human animals & she really likes dave, even mimicks his laugh. :D it'll be funny, when you call me you'll probablly hear 2 hellos, one me & one the bird. ha!

Michael Baker said...

that's a pretty cool mirror