Wednesday, July 8, 2009

right...oh yeah, I have a blog...

most women are busy for 9 months for other reasons, I on the otherhand have been working like a crazy person. no really, I'm sure my family thinks I'm completely wack.

At this moment in time, there are 1,797 members on our forum, about 10-20 new people everyday...I only half-made it in january. It seems I play the catch-up game everyday [right now I'm supposed to be cropping pictures for tomorrow's video/blog] and I wonder why we're never finished.

Specifics: I wake up about 12pm...lately more like 1pm. I take care of Skipper [yes, our Macaw] for about an hour (food, clean her cage & dishes, give her toys, get her out of trouble). Log onto gmail & facebook simutanously, checking updates, archiving things out of the way, planting potatoes. ;) wake Dave up about 3 or 4pm and go over the day's schedule (usually the same). after that I can do some web edits or photoshop [did I mention I'm supposed to be cropping pictures?] whist listening to music through large headphones that make my ears hot. food time! for all 3 of us. hopefully by this time I've changed out of my pajamas. back to edits and more emails which have arrived. another meeting with Dave in the form of an evening walk. more edits and more farmtown on facebook. 10pm is about time to get ready for the next & compress video to divX, change homepage, make sure blog page has photos and correct urls. 1am-3am (depending on trouble) is uploading onto YouTube, checking everything looks & sounds alright. twitter link. I go to bed but not asleep, usually watch Turner Classic Movies or
Without a Trace until 5 or 6am. sleep....wake up at 12pm...

This is why i have no life & have forgotten my dear bloggy. but it's alright, we won't live like this forever, mark my words. While the economy is bleh our business, interest & gross income continues to go up. I say gross because we do have some employees to pay & I give them a higher percentage when we get more.

...i think I'll write again a little later but I must finish this work for today. good to see you.