Sunday, September 5, 2010

extroverted feelers....

if you've studied enough Meyers-Briggs, you'll have come to the following confusing terms:
extroverted thinkers vs. introverted thinkers
extroverted feelers vs. introverted feelers

I am an extroverted thinker/introverted feeler and so are both my parents and my sister. my brother is an introverted thinker/extroverted feeler, although, I'd like to think he's not as crazy because our influence. ;)

sometimes I notice, after following or befriending, someone will get annoying fast by being so extroverted with their status updates, etc. I choose to disband our online relationship before you ruin my day. dude, I don't care to know how you feel or upset you are, or ecstatic about a thing, or damn exhausting.

real example of a girl I just unfollowed on dailybooth:

Smile to me!
Because I neeeed it soo badly...
Feeling bad
No mood at all...

and plus can I have a HUG? k? pleeease ;/