Friday, January 11, 2008

so I been thinkin'...

I need more time. Actually, I need money. I'm barely paying off my credit card bills now that I've not been working at Peet's Coffee --yes I get a cut from the hubby's biz, but it's not official and proper like ripping open the paycheck envelope that you've slaved two weeks for.

Dave & I were talking yesterday about how great it will be this time, next year. If the Lord is willing, we'll be getting ready to move up north --probablly into my grandparents' basement until we find a home to rent or purchase. That will definitely be a turning point in my life, an obvious push to grow up --for good. No more pretty soons, no more somedays, it will be the start of something great...someday pretty soon.

Until then my friends, my task of being the coolest designer-tailor chick this side of the moon has been on hold -feels like Christmas Eve every single day, that anticipation. Just gets sad when it's winter all the time and no Christmas.

So I need to have time to make things, but I need more money to make the time so that I may have more money to make the things....I tend not to make sense, and this entry is no exception. I have a distorted reality where I pretend everyone understands me. This used to kill me because it's simply untrue; but in the last year I'm finally okay with my quirkiness and intend to use it toward my advantage of taking over the world suit [literal and figurative] at a time. ha! that was truely corney.

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jenny baker said...

i hope that you do finally get your christmas someday, sweetie. :)