Saturday, May 10, 2008

camps de luca...say what?

firstly let me post this, a video i wish i could understand.

there, now: My cousin Tara is getting married at the end of summer. I plan on making this dress well before that *two sets of crosses fingers* --exactly my style. I've grown up with calico flowy skirts (most were made by myself), and this is more my forte. It's slightly tailored, lots of little pieces --I loooove it, also love the fact the pattern was free. yay!

I may make one in a similar drabby color like this, or perhaps one in a brighter navy ...but I'm not sure which color I should go with for the wedding, both are more autumy...ah well, August 30th is nearly there anyhow. :) ...i like those boots.

thirdly, a men's fashion forum!: i found it while rushing through Sleevehead's blog --yes, another jewel of a find this week.

Whoo! now to finish some horrible website coding so I can get on with life.

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jenny baker said...

cute little dress! i like the boots too. :)