Friday, June 13, 2008


1) Guess what I'm eating ...probally not too good because it's close to midnight & I wouldn't want to turn into a Gremlin; that and I think I'm fighting off a cold. In any case, there are lyrics to an early Good & Plenty jingle on their page, in my mind I vaguely hear my father's voice singing it --probablly without an explaination, as usual...which is fantastic, as usual. :)

2) Waiting for this week's RC video to upload, hopefully the center shot works out. I hate having to go in, fix it & sit around waiting all over again just to find out I still need to figure it. Oh the anxiety!

3) I've decided to construct a bed because I've never had a proper one since I moved out from my Aunt Nora's in '99 --goodness! who feels old? *raises hand* For simplicity's sake, I'm making a simple one --didn't mean to reuse the same word to redefine what I'm saying-- that's similar to the one reality-design shows make up when they're on a budget. Granted, I do like a more-old fashioned piece of furtiture, but having a husband who has a business where bits of depron foam are in nearly every room of the house, I've kinda put off making the home look nice. But! I am happy to say, this year I am reclaiming quite a bit --not entirely because there's only so much one can do to a rental --Plus! we hope to be shipping out of Los Angeles in the spring, so I don't want more to move.

Somewhat a mixture of these: and okay enough of that, I'll post when I have pictures to show....

4) Reading this article with the quite fair Irish lass has made me realize I reeeeeally need to live in Alaska for two winters-worth or wear a huge grandma sunhat whenever I'm outside. It's not cool for a girl's face to be darker than her ankles. :/

mmk it's after midnight (I'm still in human form) and the YouTube vid has panned out smoothly, so off to bed and perhaps I'll actually fall asleep before 2am.


jenny baker said...

mmmm, good and plenties. are you thinking of making a whole bed or just attaching a headboard?

Val. said...

whole bed, the first link. If I had time I would like to have made that fancy headboard, but now I think I shall just make a simple cloth wrapped over plywood and batting...but probablly not today. --oh! also I've wanted to paint this bedside drawer table forever, so I'm going to sand that down a bit this morning after I get some plane orders ready to go.

I'm thinking a choco brown bed (you'll really only see the legs of it) & maybe aqua for the side drawer...whadda think, jenny?

jenny baker said...

i love chocolate and aqua together! i was thinking of that combo for one of our bathrooms someday.

Anonymous said...

I have that combo in one of my bathrooms, and I high recommend it :) I think a chocolate bed and an aqua bedside table sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

highly. Doh.